April 29, 2013

We LoVe the STL Zoo!! And, our vote for the baby's elephant name!

"Stan" the baby camel
One of my family's all time favorite places to go is the St. Louis Zoo.   With a beautiful day in the forecast, my littlest two and I couldn't resist a visit.  Of course, they were hoping to catch a glimpse of the newest edition to the zoo, a baby girl elephant born Friday night.  Even after I explained that the two-day old elephant would not be out for us to see, they were adamant about seeing her.   Thank goodness the gentleman at the desk let us know about the 3 week old baby camel.  Stan, was born on the Cardinals opening day, hence the namesake.  The cute little ball of fluff was a delight to see as he stumbled along on his wobbly legs.

The zoo is  definite must see for anyone visiting the area.   However, if you are a local, I HIGHLY encourage investing in a family zoo membership.  Above and beyond the simple fact you are donating to a fabulous organization, you get free parking vouchers and tickets for the train, carousel, and other attractions.  We also love getting our calendar every year along with the zoo magazine.  My four year old is an avid animal lover.  We make multiple trips to the zoo each year and the membership makes sure each trip is full of fun.

Hippo Harbor
Capybara going for a swim
We started our visit today by going in the south entrance and heading straight to the River's Edge.  This is where you can find hippos, elephants, cheetahs, and more.  It is a bit of walk to get through it all so it is a great place to start before you get tired from the day. 

The animals seemed to really be enjoying the nice weather today too.  Almost every animal was up walking around from the bush dogs and capybaras to the rhinos and elephants.  The hyenas were making the most of the day by sunbathing!

Hyena sunbathing
After the River's Edge we went to through the butterfly house.  There were SO many butterflies!  The next stop was the Children's Zoo where we saw a hedgehog named Bella, a couple of very hairy alpacas, some rabbits, and of course the goats!

After a quick lunch, we headed out see the bears, penguins, and ride the carousel!  Little K is usually super scared of the circular ride, but she finally rode it today.  I have to laugh because Miss M chose a "zebra" to rid on.  I didn't have the heart to tell her she chose the Wild Ass! 

Flamingos - always a favorite!

Speaking of that baby elephant, make sure to visit the zoo's website or facebook page to vote on a name.  My girls picked Violet but all the choices are really great. 

Check out this cute video of her too!! 

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