April 26, 2013

Friendships live on in my heart

My husband, my sister, my parents.... my family friends.

Moms I have met through my daughters' activities..... my mommy friends.

Loving members of my church's congregation.... friends in Christ.

A group of women I met online in a baby chat room.... my cyber-friends.

My list could go on and on.  Goodness, I have over 500 friends on my Facebook page.  

Yet, it seems that I often feel friend-less, with no one to blame for it, but myself.   I have made many friends, and continue to make friends, but I somehow do not do a very good job of maintaining them.  I honestly cannot put a finger on the cause of my friendship dilemma.   Other than the fact that I am very present person, caught up in what is going on at the instant, not the past or the future.  Honestly, I do not know if that is a good thing or a bad thing.  I can look back at my senior year of highschool to a group of people that helped me come out of my shell.  My college years were full of friendships that meant more to me than I think the people even realize.  I made friends during my time at work that inspired me and encouraged me.  Having children brought even more amazing people into my life.  But I honestly do not know what is going on with many of my "friends" lives now that I have graduated from school, moved away from different towns, or simply stopped talking to them.  It doesn't mean I didn't value the friendship.  Sometimes, I think these people were part of my life when I needed them most, and hopefully when they needed me as well.  I think of them often, but just am not the type to send an email or pick up the phone.

If you are reading this, and we haven't talked in years.....
If you are reading this, and we live close but never see each other...
If you are reading this, and I have promised we will get together for dinner and we don't...
If I am bad about remembering to text you back or call on your birthday...

Please know that I don't treasure your friendship any more or any less....
Please know that I often feel alone and am looking for a friend too....
Please know that I will always consider you a friend...
Please know that I will listen...


  1. I had to learn that it was okay to let certain relationships last a season.... but it's so hard! Praying you connect (or re-connect) with that special lasting friend for all seasons. :)

  2. Sometimes I think life is like a slow moving river. We meet people all along the way. We become friends. We share our stories. We make deep connections. But the river keeps moving and we're not in the same boat. Happy FMF!

    1. Awesome analogy Michelle! Thanks for taking time to share it.

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you for taking time to read it. :)

  4. I know sometimes (For me at least) it's difficult to maintain friendships as a momma! I know we have good intentions to see and hang out with friends, but it gets more difficult as time goes by. More than likely, your friends with kiddos will understand. :) Hugs to you, and know that you are not alone.

    1. I agree Ashley. As my girls get older - and get their OWN friends - I find it even harder to find time. Thanks for reading and sharing.

  5. This rocks! May I link this blog post to RUBY? You are not alone, Woman!

    1. Thank you! Please feel free to share :)