February 8, 2013

The Bare Essentials

When I think of the bare essentials, I think of food, water, and shelter.  While these things will definitley sustain my physical self, they will do very little to sustain my spiritual self.  Our Sunday School class is studying a book called The Lego Principle.    The book describes discipleship as the ability to connect (much like a Lego) at the top to God and at the bottom to others.  He defines the bare essentials to building these healthy relationships, with God and others, within the word TRUST.  He breaks down the word trust into Truth, Reliability, Unity, Standards, and Time.  To have these, is to have trust. 

I need to change my way of thinking.  I need to focus less on the material things needed, and focus more on the true bare essentials of life.  God made us to have relationships.  My relationship with God is just starting to mature.  I am learning to trust Him more and more.  My spiritual self is being fed and nourished by his love and mercy.  If I can reflect this in my daily life, perhaps I can build stronger relatinoships with others, and help grow their relationship with God as well.  I want to connect at the top with God and at the bottom with others.  I want be a disciple.  God, keep me focused on the bare essentials.

Five Minute Friday


  1. Bare Essentials is an amazing topic. Thanks for posting. I followed from fiveminutefriday. Have a great day!

  2. Visiting from FMF to say I like your take on Bare. I love the acronym for trust, too.