February 10, 2013

Sunday morning testimony - Listen to Jesus

Two weeks ago, I signed up for the “Hello Morning Challenge.”   It is an online, 13 week challenge that encourages women to form a new habit of waking up early.   The objectives of the challenge are to make time to spend with God, plan your day, and exercise.   My goal at the end of this challenge is to be up 1.5 hours before my children wake so I can walk, participate in a bible study, and plan my day.  Right now, I am getting up an hour earlier, so I have a ways to go.  Those who are participating in the challenge are held accountable through an online community.  My social network of choice has been twitter and there are 15 women that use my "hashtag". 
The first week was actually easy and I was excited to get up, pray, read the bible and drink some coffee in blissful quiet.  The second week was much harder and I even (unknowingly) turned the alarm off one morning, and went back to sleep.   Honestly, I was a little worn out preparing for our super bowl party Sunday.  So, Monday morning as I sat there reading a scripture over and over I had never felt farther away from God.  He was not speaking to me, or at least I couldn’t hear it.  Therefore, all week, I have been praying “Open my Heart God”. 
Then I sit down and see that our theme at church this Sunday is "Listen to Jesus".  I hear the above song and know that I must continue to try “to be still”.  I may not be able to climb a mountain like Jesus did, but I can make an asserted effort to listen.  Like the song says, all I need is to be with Him and in the quiet hear his voice. 

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  1. He is so faithful to speak! Thanks for sharing your heart. I think we all often have those "quiet" mornings where it doesn't seem as if He is speaking. But He is. His Word does not return void!

    (LOVE your wallpaper! :))