January 10, 2013

Thursday - time to "bless this house"

Before I get into my post, I have to document the momentous occasion of Big K's 3rd tooth lost.  In memory of the lives lost on December 14th: "This is what six looks like."
Ok, on to my post.  Yes, according to Fly Lady, one day of the week should be dedicated to what she calls the "Home Blessing Hour."   To me, this is just a fancy way of saying cleaning day.  However, there are two things I do like about her description. 
First, it is not supposed to be detailed cleaning. - just a quick spruce up!
Second, she suggests not doing it on Saturday - save your Saturday for family fun!
Well, there is nothing too exciting about cleaning, but there is definitely something amusing about cleaning with a two year old around.  Now, I want to let you know that Miss K did not nap well yesterday and had even a worse nights sleep.  So, her "attitude" this morning was is in rare form.  However, those with toddlers around know how challenging cleaning can be!  Here is what consists of my weekly "Home Blessing Hour".   For fun,  (or to torture myself) I timed how long it took me to complete each step.

1. Change sheets - 18 minutes
This was the time it took me to change the sheets on 4 beds, make the beds, and start a load of sheets in the washer.   During this time, I rescued my oldest daughter's lego creations from King Kong (aka Little K) twice.  I also prevented another art creation from happening.  As I was loading the washer, Little K snuck into my bathroom and was going to start "painting" with my moisturizer and deodorant.  Thank goodness I found her in time!

2. Windex sliding door, front door, and dresser/bathroom mirrors - 9 minutes
Nothing too dramatic here.  She found her way into the girls' bathroom this time.  Again, early detection was key to prevent any wrong doing.

3. Dust - 13.5 minutes
I did take a brief phone call in this short time.  While I was chatting, Little K made it into that lovely batch of carrot muffins I had made and helped herself to one.  After setting her up properly with a snack and Mickey Mouse on TV, I headed upstairs for the next step.

4. Vacuum upstairs and downstairs - 18 minutes
Apparently, one muffin was not enough for Little K.   While I was running the vacuum upstairs she decided to take at least one bite out of every remaining muffin.  She got to sit on a kitchen chair while I vacuumed the rug downstairs and cleaned up her mess.  She was not happy about this situation at all.

5. Go through mail/papers/magazines - 8 minutes
She was actually very good for these 8 minutes.  I decided to reward my little treasure with some one-on-one playtime with mommy before heading out to get Miss M from preschool.

After lunch, and with Little K down for a blessed nap, I moved forward.

6. Steam mop kitchen and wood floors - 28 minutes
I am slow, what can I say!  Our main floor is all hardwood and tile, so I don't consider this too bad.  By the way, I LOVE my steam mop.

7. Empty trash.
I didn't time this, but since I am already already a half hour over my allotted one hour "blessing" time, I don't think it really matters :)

In case you were wondering why bathrooms are not on my list:

I keep a dish wand with dish soap and vinegar plus a thing of Clorox wipes in each bathroom.  Thank you to pinterest and Joyful Homemaking for this dish wand idea. Every day I wipe down the sink with the wipes and hit the toilet with the dish wand.  And yes folks, Fly Lady has a name for this too:  Swish & Swipe.   

So, if you made it this far, hats off to you!   And, please know my house is usually clean but not always tidy.   Yes, there is a difference!

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