January 5, 2013

This child continues to humble me

Her Masterpiece

When we decided on having a third child, I was confident that we had already discovered the secrets to parenting through the baby and toddler years and would do so with ease.  My darling Little K continues to disprove this assumption from the moment she was born to this very day. 

Today's humbling situation starts with me busy removing Christmas decorations in the living room.  I hear what I believe are all three of my children and my husband playing in the basement.  Much to my dismay, my littlest treasure was actually upstairs "painting" in her room.  Her media of choice: diaper cream.  Thanks goodness hubby was home.  For some reason, these moments are much more amusing (and much less overwhelming) when I have someone to share them with.

I wish is I could say that this is the first time Little K has done something like this.  Unfortunately, her need to redecorate our home is ongoing.  She continues to leave her mark on walls, bedspreads, and cabinets.  She has used toothpaste, petroleum jelly, permanent markers, and dry erase markers to make her creations.  Thank goodness she is cute!

Evidence left behind
A cleaned up Little K

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