January 11, 2013

TGIF! Did you say date night?

Are you all hanging on the edge of your seats for Friday's daily focus?  Well, Fly Lady thinks you should clean out your car and purse every Friday.   Since I didn't find any sippy cup bombs or bubble gum traps when cleaning out the car of the usual receipts, trash, and coats, I won't bore you. 


So, I can't find exactly where she says this on her website, but I also know the Fly Lady pushes you to have a date night once a week.  Did you say date night?  I can't remember the last time my husband and I have been on a real date.   It does fit in with my New Year resolutions though.  The last couple of Friday nights we gotten a movie from one of those handy dandy RedBox kiosks.   I highly suggest you become part of their Mobile Text Club.  They send promo codes for a free movie once a month!

Our movie choice this week was Looper.  The story line for this movie seemed really good.  It was definitely different.  Unfortunately, it was very predictable.  The hubs and I had it figured out less than half way into the movie.  I am thinking next week will be a chick flick!