January 13, 2013

Sunday - Renew your Spirit

This is my last post regarding the Fly Lady and her "daily focus" themes.  Here is what I have shared so far:

That leaves us with Sunday to "Renew Your Spirit."   From the Fly Lady website:

"If you don’t Renew Your Spirit, you can’t renew the spirit of others."

Some of the Fly Lady's suggestions to renew your spirit include read a good book, take a bubble bath, etc.  However, I have decided to use this blog as an opportunity to organize my thoughts, and in turn, renew my spirit.   What can I discover (or re-discover) about myself?

This scripture was listed on my churchs' website as reference for today's theme:

Now when all the people were baptized, and when Jesus also had been baptized and was praying, the heaven was opened, and the Holy Spirit descended upon him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven, “You are my Son, the Beloved; with you I am well pleased.”
—Luke 3:21–22

After reading this, I tried to  remember when I was baptized.  Honestly, I do not remember much from the experience.  I am going to try to look for some pictures over at my parents house this week.  Maybe seeing some photos from that day will help bring the memory into focus.   I do know I was baptized by my mother, an ordained minister in my church, and that it took place in a baptismal font in the basement of our old church building.  Other than that, the details are pretty fuzzy... I can't remember if the water was cold, what I wore, who exactly was there, or if I was even nervous. 

I am confident that my life did not change at the exact moment.  My eight year old self did not recognize the spirit descending upon me like a dove, for sure.  However, I do know that my baptism is part of my strong foundation in Christ.   My faith effects my relationships with others and how I make decisions.  How?   My church encourages us to "live the meaning of your baptism daily".  While I am not out professing my love for Him with words, I hope my actions show it. 

  • giving my email out to a new mom at church
  • helping a friend serve punch at her daughter's birthday party
  • coming home, sensing how stressed my husband was, and not questioning why he couldn't smell dinner burning in the crockpot
  • helping take the Christmas decorations down at church
  • providing words of encouragement to someone trying to lose weight
  • doing crafts with my kids when I am not a crafty person
  • offering to help coach the cheerleading squad
  • participating in our Sunday school discussion

But, deep down, I know there is more to my baptismal covenant besides good deeds.  At the end of the above scripture, God is empowering Jesus for "mission".  If I take my baptism more seriously, bring it into focus, will I feel empowered to do the same?   And what is MY mission?  When I typed up the "about me" page for this blog, I only wrote one statement about my future: "My goal is to, with my husband's help, raise three young ladies who are strong emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually."   Will that help bring forth the kingdom of God?  Probably.   Is that ALL I am called to do?  Probably not.  I also typed up a list of New Years resolutions. There were a couple that dealt with my relationship with others (spending one on one time with my husband, praying with my family, and keeping in better touch with friends).  I wouldn't go as far to say they were discipleship oriented though.  

How can I put myself spiritually "out-there"?

As I have spent the day organizing my thoughts for this post, I have almost deleted everything more than once.  Am I really ready to share something so personal?  But, then it hit me.  By opening myself up, I am pushing myself into a deeper relationship with God.  The stronger my relationship with God, the stronger my relationships with others can be.  The stronger my relationships with others, the easier it will be for me to share the love of Jesus Christ.  (This is the central them of a book I am ready with my Sunday school class, The LEGO Principle: The power of connecting to God and one another)

Like I mentioned above, this week I am going to go looking for some photos from my baptism.  But more than that, I am going to try to reflect more on how I can renew that convenant and use it to empower me for mission.


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