January 12, 2013

Saturday - Family Fun Day!

The weekend is finally upon us!  We have almost made it through all the daily focus ideas from Fly Lady.  Saturday is "Family Fun Day", and I had high hopes.  Maybe it was the rainy weather, but we were not really grooving as a family today.

My lovely husband is remodeling our staircase.  To help keep the girls out of his way this morning, I decided to try a craft I saw on Pinterest.  I thought we could even use it to make a birthday card for Miss M's friend.  So, the girls and I tried our hands at Puffy Snowflake Painting.  The project got off to a really good start, but came to an abrupt stop when the squirt bottle I decided to use wouldn't work.  The paint was too thick.  As a last resort to save the project, we tried Ziploc bags. 

 (Yes, we like to do crafts in our pajamas!)  It was a big mess, but the paint did puff!  I promised the girls we would make sure to save the next dish soap bottle and attempt these again.

our creations
Using the bags was especially hard for Little K, and her attitude matched her frustration.

Little K playing in the flour mixture used to make the paint

After lunch, Miss M and I headed out to a fabulous birthday party at a local children's hair salon!  Miss M spent the afternoon getting all dolled up with her besties!  She still can't believe how beautiful her pink fingernails with silver sparkles look.  She was also very proud to give her friend one of her puffy paintings from our morning craft project.

Miss M looking "sassy"!

On the way home, I got a SOS phone call from the hubs.  It seems the bad attitude was sticking with Little K and daddy needed re-enforcements.   My arrival home was highlighted with the burnt smell coming from my crockpot.  Dinner was toast!  So, instead of a game night like I had planned, I headed out to Dairy Queen to get the family some icecream.  And no, it is not on our real food diet.  But, sometimes, you gotta do what you gotta do! 

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