January 9, 2013

It's Wednesday! Time to organize something that has been driving me crazy!!

Okay, so the Fly Lady does not have "Organize something that drives you crazy" as one of her "daily focus" themes.   Her theme is anti-procrastination. Call it want you want :)

My goal for the morning was to tackle my pantry.   When my husband called me from work this morning, I told him what I was busy doing.  When I mentioned how bad it had gotten, he replied "yeah, I have been just throwing things in there."   So, I am letting him take the blame for the current state of the pantry.  He will love me for that!!

So, I found this pin about "Six Tips to an Organized Pantry" from the blog Meal Planning Magic.  I thought okay, this should help me tackle this mess!

Step 1: Take EVERYTHING out! 
Are you kidding me????  No way am I pulling everything out of my pantry.  I have a two year old who loves to tear things apart.   Remember this post!  No, I am going to go completely against her suggestion to not go shelf by shelf.   My sanity requires it.

Step 2:  Clean the shelves. 
Okay, I am taking this opportunity to complain about my pantry.  I so wish I had actual shelves instead of the wire ones.  In fact, I wish I had a pantry that I could walk into.   For a 4-bedroom home, this house lacks a lot of storage.   Moving on....  must get to work.

Step 3:  Decide what to keep or toss. 
I will have to say that since we started our real food journey this past fall, the number of food products in my pantry have subsided greatly.  The majority of our food is perishable and goes in the fridge or freezer.  Therefore, my pantry has started to become cluttered with other things like plastic bags, never used appliances, art supplies, baby supplies, and the like.

Mental Note: Bring reusable bags shopping and get these recycled!

Step 4:  Assess your storage options.
I had found this great set of cannisters on Amazon back in September, and my mother-in-law purchased me a second set for Christmas.  I already had a tupperware modular set, two tupperware cereal dispensers, a couple empty glass jars and some plastic bins I was using for medicines.  I purchased a few things from the dollar tree including some mesh baskets for my potatoes  and onions.  I also picked up a drawer storage option for my medicines and a couple magazine holders.  I was ready to start.

some of the storage containers
how medicines were stored (and crazy toddler!)
Step 5:  Group like items together and put it back.
You mean like items like this:  3 things of opened children's benedryl???

Here is my finished pantry!  It is definitely not Martha Stewart worthy, but I am proud. 

New medicine storage
Dollar Store bins for onions and potatoes

Step 6: Make a pantry inventory.
I will not lie.  I completely blew off this step.   I am too busy admiring my organized pantry.


  1. Replies
    1. I know right? Stuff doesn't stay long enough in my pantry to require a list anyway ;)

  2. AHH I did the same thing for meds the other day! Also saw a neat idea about getting the peel and stick flooring and leaving the backing on and putting it over the shelves! I might have to try it!!

    I did our bathrooms the other day. Next up is the pantry and turnstyle!

  3. That is a good idea! I have used plastic kiddo placemats before but those aren't as nice looking as the tile would be!

  4. Love it! I am going to get those wire bins for onions/potatoes...I also have the wire shelves & don't love them! Thanks for the ideas & pics :)

  5. Looks sooooo good! I got some heavy plastic at Lowes that is made to go on the wire shelves. There are two sizes to fit the depth of the shelves. They have places that go between the wires to lock them in place. They come in a box and are in a roll that you cut to fit for the length.
    Sandy P.

  6. Thanks shantie that's nice