January 27, 2013

Hello Mornings Challenge!

Remember my FlyLady posts?  One of the recommendations she has is to wake up before you family, get dressed and complete your morning routine, and be ready to face the day.  This is something I aspire to, but have not yet mastered.  My bed is just sooo comfy and warm, and it is quiet.....

So, last week I stumbled upon a tweet about signing up for the Hello Mornings Challenge.   It starts tomorrow morning!!!!!!!
image from www.hellormornings.org
From their website:

Our hope is that over time HelloMornings participants will:
  1. Experience quality time with God
  2. Intentionally plan their days
  3. Exercise regularly
—all before the day gets going! God. Plan. Move.

So, I decided to join a Twitter group.  It was free, and I really liked the idea of having a support group.  We are all following each other on Twitter and have our own group hashtag.  I am excited and nervous to check in tomorrow.  We are also doing a Bible Study, called Abounding Hope.  This will be my first Bible Study, so I am a bit nervous about that too.  

image from Hello Mornings Facebook page
I have been checking out the "15 Tips for Getting Up Early."   Tip #1 says to know WHY you want to do this.  This is pretty simple for me, PEACE.  I am struggling with finding peace, staring with inner peace.  I am hoping a peaceful start to my morning will leave me calm and ready to start the day with my family.   If I can make this a habit, I might be able to create a more peaceful home.   So, my why equals peace.

Tip #2 is to set some goals.  I want my morning to include time to spend with God (meditating, studying, praying, writing).  I want time to plan for the day.  Finally, I want to to exercise and get ready for the day.   By my estimate, I need about and 1.5 hours to complete this task.  With my girls getting up at about 7:15 (on school days) this means I need to be up at 5:45....yikes! 

This bring me to Tip #3 which is baby steps.  I am going to start tomorrow by waking at 6:15am.   This will leave me 15 minutes to get ready, 30 minutes of devotional time, and 15 minutes of planning time for my day.  Eventually I want to add more time to exercise as well.   The challenge is about 3 months long, so by moving my wake time up 10 minutes/month I should be able to get to my goal... I hope!!

I am still working through some of the rest of the tips.  You can check them out here.  Even though it is too late to register with a group, they have set up an overflow group on their Facebook page.   Check out their latest post about how to sign up for their emails and join in.

I will definitely make sure to let you all know how this goes!!! 


  1. I thought of you this morning on my walk! I hope your first morning goes smoothly and peacefully.

    1. Thanks Erin! I got up the first time the alarm went off, so hoping to keep that going.