January 1, 2013

Fun for all ages - the St Louis Science Center and Planetarium

Thanks to the kindness of a dear friend, our family got VIP treatment at the St. Louis Science Center today.  http://www.slsc.org/

Our visit included free passes to the Discovery Room, free passes to the Planetarium, and a parking voucher.  What better way to spend a cold New Year's Day with the family!

First the Discovery Room!

From the website: Come play with science in the Discovery Room; a great place for young scientists aged 3-7 to explore a range of interactive exhibits. We provide exhibits that allow children to experiment with the properties of magnets, or explore the ways in which water behaves at the water table, and children can even dress up at the medical area or native American area. Our book nooks are ideal places for sitting down on a comfy rug and opening a good book.

playing inside tepee
checking out the fish
 We crossed the bridge over to the Planetarium.
looking "through" the bridge to Interstate 64 below

Checking out a quick video before going into the Planetarium

Once at the Planetarium we saw the show (from their website) "Live Sky Tonight".
Come visit the James S. McDonnell Planetarium for this all live show featuring our Carl Zeiss Mark IX Planetarium projector showing a brilliant simulated night on our 80 foot dome. In this show we will feature what is currently visible in the night sky including constellations, planets, current Moon phase and any other special astronomical events such as meteor showers or comets, etc. We will also feature current space exploration such as the rovers on Mars.
What a nice way to start 2013!

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