January 19, 2013

Big G! Little o! Go! Go!

When it comes to getting my girls involved in extra-curricular activities, I am always a bit hesitant.  There are so many things to consider before signing them up.  First, and probably most the most obvious, is how much is it going to cost.  For example, gymnastics classes run about $12/hour.  There is also the time commitment.  Last year, Big K played T-ball.  We had THREE games a week!  There is always some concern that they will want to quit before the season/session is over.  Miss M was not a fan of soccer this past fall but we did make her finish the season. 

What is hardest for me, though, is my expectation for each of my daughters to excel at something.  If I can help them find something they are good at and enjoy doing, they might be able to experience something I missed out on while growing up.  I never felt like I was the best at anything.  I played a few sports at a young age.  When I moved up to levels where you had to try-out for the team, I would make all the cuts except the last one.  My artistic ability was not great either, so I never participated in band, theater, or other art groups.  I don't ever want my daughters to feel they are not good enough.  This is where my internal struggle lies.  I want them to participate in everything to help them find their "niche".  At the same time, it is so hard for me to watch them get upset when they don't score a goal.

What I need to remember is that right now, at ages 6 and 4, my older two daughters just need opportunities to make friends and learn social skills.  It is okay if they can barely swing the bat or throw a ball.   They are learning about teamwork.  More importantly, I hope they know that mom and dad will be right there cheering them on, no matter if they are star player or not!

Speaking of cheering, I was so excited to learn about the Upward Sports program.  A Christian sports league for kids, the Upward program not only helps kids develop athletic skills, but life skills as well.  At each practise and during half-time at the basketball games, there is a devotion period.  At the game today, it was about being uniquely made by God.  Being unique makes you valuable (as every collector out there knows!)  I love that message for my girls!  Big K and Miss M are participating in the cheer leading program and love it so far.   I am so excited we signed them up!

Big K
Miss M


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