January 31, 2013

100 days of school = Close to 100 lunches!

My daughter had her 100th day of 1st grade on Monday.   Big K bring her lunch almost every day, so that means close to 100 lunches packed this year.  Next year, Miss M will be in kindergarten and lunch duty will double!  I am thankful to have found lunch gear that works well for us.

Land's End lunch bag - This is the exact one we have.  There is a mesh pocket on the side where I put her drink.  The mesh on the inside has places to slide utensils and an ice pack.

Ziploc divided rectangular containers - these fit perfectly in the above lunch box.  Big K originally had a Pottery Barn Kids lunch container.  It was nice but these did not fit in it. 

Thermos - Big K loves leftover pasta for lunch!  This works great.  A friend of mine gave me a great tip.  I now use my Keurig to fill the thermos with super hot water and put on the lid.  After letting it sit for a bit, I dump out the water.  This warms up the thermos and keep the contents hotter for Big K. 

Klean Kanteen -  We have been using Klean Kanteens for awhile now and just love them.  The 12 oz sport bottle fits perfectly in the side pouch of the Land's End bag.

Lunch Box Love - This year, I picked up one set of thes cards to stick in Big K's lunch.  I know I could easily make my own, but these are so fun and she just adores them!  One side has a fun trivia fact while the other has some positive words, both to make her smile.

I am thinking next year I might splurge on some cute re-usable napkins and utensils.  Big K has only tossed one of my silverware spoons, but I would rather that not happen again.

Another product I have my eye on are these for smoothies.   Lisa Leake over at 100daysofrealfood.com freezes smoothies in these, and packs them in her daughters' lunches.  My girls loves smoothies and this would be much better than those yogurt tube things!

What are you favorite supplies for packing lunches?



  1. Nicely put together LeAnn! I don't have kids but I still pack my lunches too.