December 13, 2012

Gumdrop candy?? who knew!

Tomorrow night I am planning a Christmas party for the church youth.  The main activity will be making these adorable gingerbread nativity so cleverly designed by AOK Corral.

To make the Mary, Joseph, baby Jesus, and the shepherd, you need large and small gumdrops....  A quick search at Target and Walmart showed these will be a bit harder to find than expected!  Hoping a trip to the grocery store will be more successful.

Needing a little Christmas magic to help in my search!!

Our other activities include a Find & Fill Nativity Scene game.  This cute idea came from No Time for Flashcards.
We will read this story: Tell Me the Christmas Story by Joni Walker
We will finish with some cute Christmas tree cupcakes and sing some carols.  We will leave the nativity scenes on the counter in the foyer for everyone to see at church at Sunday.  Can't wait to see how it goes!
Update:  Here is how our nativity scenes turned out! (and, yes, I found the gumdrop candy, in 2 sizes even, at a St. Louis area grocery store, Schnucks)

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